Asphalt Shingles

thumb_asphaltBrothers Services has a wonderful range of asphalt shingle products, which look like slate, cedar shakes, classic dimensional shingles, as well as the traditional popular strip shingles. All shingles include warranties that range from 20 years to lifetime or around 50 years. The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturing Association estimates that over 80% of all homes in America have asphalt shingles. Since a roof covers 40% of the average home’s exterior, appearance, resilience, and durability are key factors to consider, and asphalt balances those factors nicely. Asphalt with fiberglass also increases fire and wind resistance with insulating benefits. These shingles are economical, weigh less, are simple to install and maintain. Brothers has forged a terrific relationship with Owens Corning and GAF, as well as other manufacturers. We are the only roofing company in Maryland to enjoy Platinum Preferred status.


thumb_slateSlate is a traditional roof around Baltimore, especially in some of the older subdivisions. It’s just rock that has been quarried out of the ground, and in many cases will last longer than your house. Natural roofing slate has been around for more than a thousand years and continues to be the roof of choice for the world’s most prestigious and treasured buildings. When it comes to roofing, nothing approaches the magnificence of natural slate. Created by the forces of nature over 500 million years ago, slate exudes tradition, majesty, and character. Perhaps that’s why natural slate is at the top of the list of leading architects around the world. Slate has a beautiful, natural appearance and is considered by many as one of the finest choices you can make. Over the lifetime of a slate roof, it is also one of the most economic roofs, because you can divide your costs over a longer time frame.


thumb_metalMetal roofs are growing in popularity and a whole new genre of metal roofing materials have recently become available. They are a little more expensive than others, but they last a very long time. People like the looks of metal. Many metal roofs are considered “cool” roofing products since they don’t absorb heat like other roofing products, or at least absorb at the same rate. They have a very long lifespan. Metal roofs are a great choice for residential homeowners and commercial building owners alike. Their primary benefit is their aesthetic beauty and long life. They are a high-tech answer to the need for durable, fire-resistant, lightweight roofing that looks at home on a house, while effectively reflecting heat from the sun. Brothers Services has extensive experience with metal and even our own metal shop, enabling us to create almost any metal that you might want on your roof. From the most basic roofing panels to barn roofs, to copper domes, to soldered copper work, Brothers Services can create almost any type of metal roof you might want.

Cedar Shakes

thumb_cedarCedar shakes are one of the more traditional roof shingles available and, aesthetically one of the most beautiful. They are a natural product with high insulation value, yet they remain cool so they don’t heat up your house. Wood is the only naturally produced, renewable structural material. It requires the least amount of energy to manufacture and has the lowest impact on air and water quality. It is a roofing material of choice by many leading architects worldwide.


thumb_tileTile roofs are more popular in the south, but growing in popularity in the Baltimore area. You can get a tile roof in either concrete or clay, a great aesthetic choice if your architect recommends it. They endure some of nature’s toughest elements, yet despite the harshest weather, concrete, and clay can withstand the wind, hail, rain, earthquakes, and even fires. This resilience enables manufacturers to offer some of the longest warranties in the roofing industry. The color palette of concrete and clay roof tile includes hundreds of selections with options ranging from a single-color tile to a matrix of up to five colors. Styles range from flat to barrel-shaped tile and either will dramatically change the appearance of a roof. There is also a wide selection of carefully blended hues that range from subtle tints to vibrant colors and wood and slate textures that simulate nature. In addition to tile’s unique beauty, most concrete and clay tile manufacturers typically offer a minimum 50-year limited warranty on their products.