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For over 30 years, Maryland has trusted Brothers Services for roof repair projects

Brothers Services is the roof repair company in Maryland that over 60,000 customers have trusted to keep their homes safe, dry and warm. Brothers Services can handle repairs for any kind of roof including shingle, slate, tile, cedar or flat roofs.

Factors Determining Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement

1. Age Of Your Roof
If you are experiencing issues with your roof (missing shingles, leaks, etc) the first thing to consider is the age of your roof. If your roof is more than 15 years old, then it might be best to consider replacing your roof. But, if your roof is less than 15 years old, a repair might be the course of action.

2. Cost Of Roof Repair vs. Cost Of Roof Replacement
There are times when the cost of repairing a roof, regardless of age, can exceed the cost of a replacement, this is due to economies of scale. There are also times when a repair may be a short term solution to a long term problem and may cost more in the end.

3. Suitable Materials Available For Repair
Are the materials needed for a repair still available? Manufacturers continue to add and drop various products from their product lines. If your specific roofing product isn’t available any longer, it may be time for a replacement.

4. Warranty Situation
If a warranty is important to you, this is a must-have conversation. Most repairs come with a limited warranty — if any. Roof replacement comes with a manufacturers material warranty and a workmanship warranty from the company installing the product(s).

Call Brothers Services as soon as you detect any sign of a leak. Those signs may include stains anywhere on walls or ceilings or around fireplaces, skylights or exhaust vents. The sooner you can address the leak, the less likely that you will experience additional expensive internal damage to your home.

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Brothers Services is an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor
Learn what you should look for in a roofing contractor and why you should choose a Platinum Preferred Contractor for your project!

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Cost v. Value Report:

Compare exterior remodeling costs in Baltimore, MD with the value retained at resale. According to the report, vinyl siding costs average $14,590 with $11,013 recouped at resale; roof replacement costs average $19,468 with $11,450 recouped at resale.

Vinyl Siding 75.5%
Roof Replacement 58.8%
Source: Remodeling 2017 Cost vs. Value Report  ©2017 Hanley Wood Media Inc.

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