Step 1: The Planning

  • Quoting
    Once you’ve contacted us, a qualified Residential Consultant will visit your home to evaluate your needs and desires, and provide you with an accurate quote for the products you’ve expressed interest in. During this time, he will also attempt to identify any potential problems and provide solutions to best protect and increase the value of your home. If you are not comfortable with large delivery vehicles on your driveway, now is the time to let us know.
  • The Contract
    Once you’ve made the decision to entrust us with your remodeling needs, your Residential Consultant will schedule a time to meet with you again, sign a formal contract and collect a deposit. The contract and supporting paperwork will include specific details concerning your home, the products you’ve selected to improve it, and a tentative scheduling window.
  • Pre-Production
    The contract is then reviewed at our office to make sure that all of the necessary information is present for our Production Department to build and schedule your job. On occasion, we may contact you for some additional information, to clarify a selection, or to come take some final measurements necessary to order the products. As our Production Department reviews the project, they enter all the information in our system, order the materials, and outline the project, identifying everything that can be done before the job actually starts. This enables us to keep the on-site work to a minimum, reducing the risk of bad weather, potential safety and property hazards, as well as your inconvenience during construction.
  • Scheduling
    You will be put in contact with a project coordinator who will be your point of contact throughout the course of the work. Once we’ve confirmed availability of, or received the materials necessary to complete your job, we’ll contact you to let you know when the crews and materials are scheduled to arrive at your home and begin. Depending on weather, products you’ve selected, and the number of jobs ahead of you, this can generally take anywhere from two to eight weeks. If we’ve confirmed a date with you and the weather on that day is forecasted such that it is prohibitive to allowing us to perform the work in a safe and professional manner, we will contact you to reschedule the work.

Step 2: The Project

  • Material Delivery and Site Preparation
    Depending on the products we need for your home, the materials may arrive with the installation crew (doors, siding, windows, gutters), or may be delivered by large vehicles (roof, patio, sidewalk, masonry), some even with cranes or forklifts attached. In any case, we ask that you move any items of value, vehicles or furnishings away from access points to the work area, so that we can get materials and equipment as close to the actual work as possible. On rare occasion, materials may show up followed by several days of prohibitive weather. Rest assured that we will start your job as soon as possible.
  • During the Job
    We may be removing several tons of material from your roof, taking off your old aluminum siding, or removing old drafty windows and doors from your home. That’s a lot of change and movement of materials that you need to realistically prepare yourself for. Rest assured that we are just as concerned about the well being of your home as you are and we will do our best to make sure that the dust and debris stays where it belongs. Our installation professionals will typically show up in the morning, and leave in the afternoon. Depending on your products, we may need access to your property for one to two days, or even a few weeks. We will do our best to keep you informed of the progress and the schedule. Once a crew of installers is assigned to your home, they will not be assigned another job until yours is finished.
  • Cleanup
    For small jobs, completed in one day, we will perform a thorough clean up at the end of the day to get the old materials, scraps, and fasteners off of the property. For longer jobs, we will perform a general cleanup of materials and tools each day. If we are performing a large scale siding job or roof job, it’s a good idea to keep children and pets away from material and tools until we’ve completed the work. Once the work is complete, we will clean everything up so that you can enjoy your new products. If you find anything we’ve overlooked, please give us a call and we’ll address it immediately.

Step 3: The Paperwork

  • Completion
    After the job is completed, one of our Field Supervisors will examine the work and determine whether it has been done to our standards and contract specifications. If there are any problems that either he or you have discovered, he will make sure they get fixed. Once you’re sure that everything has been done to your satisfaction, the Field Supervisor will request the final payment. Once we have received final payment, we will send you the warranty package which will include our workmanship warranty, plus any standard or extended manufacturer’s warranties.
  • Continued Relationship
    That’s not the end of the story. Once you’ve contracted us to help you get more enjoyment and energy efficiency from your investment, we’re sure you’ll want us to do more. Whether you need a new roof or windows, don’t care for the appearance of your siding or front door, or can envision yourself enjoying a new deck or patio, feel free to contact us again. Also, we maintain a service department and talented field personnel whose primary function is to take care of Brothers Services’ customers first. If for any reason you have concern about work we’ve performed, drop us a line or an email and we’ll be right out.
  • Warranty
    We made a decision many years ago to not promise more than we can deliver. Historically, most warranty-related issues will occur in the first year as the newly installed product goes through the changing seasons. Even so, we provide a standard 10 year workmanship warranty, in addition to the manufacturer’s material warranty coverage. In many cases we have relationships with manufacturer’s which allow us to offer extended warranties that aren’t available to other contractors, that are backed by the manufacturer. We’ve been around for over 30 years and plan on being here for many years to come. We’ve always stood behind our warranties and always will.